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Farrakhan: The most consistent Black man you know

By Starla Muhammad -Managing Editor- | Last updated: Dec 20, 2016 - 2:05:47 PM

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Nation of Islam Minister gives compelling interview on Muhammad and Friends

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and Munir Muhammad, host of Muhammad and Friends greet one another at the studio of The Coalition for the Remembrance of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (C.R.O.E.) ahead of a Dec. 11 interview. Photos: Haroon Rajaee

CHICAGO—Cold temperatures and the first significant snowfall of the winter season in the “Windy City” did not quell the excitement and uplifting spirit of a recent power-packed interview by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan on Muhammad and Friends, hosted by Munir Muhammad.

The live in-studio broadcast took place at the headquarters of the Coalition for the Remembrance of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (C.R.O.E.) and covered a myriad of topics critical to Muslims, Black America and the world as the end of 2016 approached.

In a year that saw the election of a polarizing and controversial presidential candidate and continuation of extrajudicial killings of Blacks by law enforcement that sparked anger, demonstrations, protests and sometimes violent reactions on both sides, the Minister offered a consistent voice of reason, warning and guidance during the Dec. 11 broadcast which also included a Q and A session from callers into the show.

Min. Farrakhan started the interview by thanking his longtime friend, Munir Muhammad for a forum that allowed people to become more acquainted and familiar with their teacher, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. “What a man that was in our midst and what a man is in our midst,” said Min. Farrakhan speaking of the Nation of Islam patriarch.

During the interview, which lasted over an hour and streamed live at, the Minister addressed controversy stemming from comments made about him by Congressman Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), shared his insight and views on President-elect Trump and offered guidance for men and women locked in prisons and jails throughout the country. He also shared his appreciation and respect for the Five Percent Nation of Islam and followers of Noble Drew Ali from the Moorish Science Temple.

Munir Muhammad asked Min. Farrakhan a variety of questions on a wide array of topics important to the Black community, Muslims and the world during a Dec. 11 interview. Photo: Instagram/@ismailkm

‘The enemy has made me the litmus test’

Not holding back, Munir Muhammad immediately asked the Muslim leader his reaction to disparaging remarks made by Rep. Ellison as the politician pursues a bid to become chairman of the Democratic National Committee after the party suffered crushing defeats in the recent presidential and congressional elections. The previous chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, also resigned under controversy.

“People who want to get ahead, you say things and you do things that the enemy already knows you’re being deceitful because you can’t out deceive the master deceiver. So in order to get something that you want, you trash someone that they don’t like. Well who cares? I don’t bother with Brother Keith, I wish him success, poor fella,” said the Minister.

Rep. Ellison has been pushed to the forefront by some Democrats who think his progressive views on some social issues coupled with the fact that he is Black and Muslim could make the party seem more appealing, inclusive and diverse in its leadership. He was the first Muslim elected to Congress.

Rep. Ellison has attempted to distance himself from his past affiliation and work with the Nation of Islam, his previous published defenses of Min. Farrakhan and his assistance and participation in the historic 1995 Million Man March. He also distanced himself during his 2006 congressional run but the issue has come full circle as he attempts to lead the Democratic National Committee. Mr. Ellison recently wrote reckless remarks and hurled baseless accusations of “anti-Semitism” at Min. Farrakhan.

The reaction by Rep. Ellison and others speaks to an element of White and Jewish control in the affairs of Black people, when it comes to economics, politics, media, the music industry and Hollywood, the Minister explained.

“If he has to bash me in order to get a job, help yourself, brother. Say whatever you think will get you your DNC job. But you have not diminished me one atom’s weight. What he’s done is diminished himself,” explained Min. Farrakhan. The Nation of Islam has not done anything to harm Rep. Ellison or his aspirations, he continued.

There are other Muslims that are judges, mayors and other positions, the Minister pointed out. “They have never stooped that low to deny a man that raised them spiritually into a higher level of consciousness.”

Min. Farrakhan complimented the congressman, calling him intelligent and stating that he could possibly help the Democratic Party but did not like the way he went about his repudiation.

“Evidently the enemy has made me the litmus test for all Black people who want to rise in their world. Now I’m rising in their world and they cannot stop my rise in their world. So the wind that’s beneath my wings that is making me probably the most listened to Black man not only in America but in all the Black world,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Rep. Ellison drew the attention of many with his recent comments about the Minister, including Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner whose 2014 death at the hands of police from an illegal chokehold was caught on video. She made several comments on Twitter, including: “Its sad that @keithellison didn’t have the balls to stand up in public. You DO believe that the minister is a role model for Black men,” she remarked Dec. 14.

“So for now on I refuse to support anyone or candidate that denounces @LouisFarrakhan ... In my book its disqualifying. Coonery ends today,” she added in another tweet.

The attempt of the enemy to keep the powerful, redemptive work of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Min. Farrakhan from the hearts and minds of the people through deliberative “poisoning” and besmirching of their names continues today.

“That same poison is being given on a yearly basis to Black students here in Chicago right now. During Black history month you can mention any Black leader that you wish, do not mention Elijah Muhammad, do not mention Louis Farrakhan. What is it about my teacher and his student that White folk are so frightened of?” the Minister asked.

It is because the Honorable Elijah Muhammad represents the end of White rule over the Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and poor Whites, he added.

“What kind of strength has God given your brother that he’s the most consistent Black man that you know? He speaks the word of his teacher and he never backs down from what his teacher taught him.”

Black men, police and the election of Trump

During the interview, Min. Farrakhan also dispensed wisdom to callers seeking guidance and insight from a man who has been on the front lines battling for the lives of Black people for over 60 years. “What do Black men do when police are pulling them over and they’re afraid for their lives?” asked one caller.

Min. Farrakhan advised remaining calm and asking Allah (God) for help and guidance, explaining that in a time like this the enemy will try to incite an action to justify a response. They seek to respond in a way where killing you is deemed justified, he said. Smart people may know their rights but don’t know the nature of the enemy they are dealing with, he explained.

“You’ve got to be wise as the serpent and humble as the dove and sometimes you’ll make it through but if there comes a time where now your life is threatened, fight like hell to preserve and protect your life because it’s the only life that you’ve got. I’m not telling you to attack a policeman. Respect the policemen, respect the law, yes. But when the law disrespects and desires to kill you, that’s the only life we’ve got.”

President-elect Donald Trump
With regard to the election of Mr. Trump, the Minister said he did not vote for the president-elect but believes the real estate tycoon is a wise man. Mr. Trump does not owe anybody, including the Democrats, Republicans, other billionaires, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), or any of those that control politicians with their money, he observed.

“He owes nothing except to America. So if we live here, and we do, and we’re suffering here as we are and we (Blacks) didn’t think much of Mr. Trump but he didn’t lie when he said ‘what can you lose’ because with the Democrats, what have you gained?”


If Black people are willing and have the wherewithal to rebuild their wasted cities where their tax dollars have been used for decades to uphold a failing educational system built on White supremacy, “why not sit down and make a deal with Mr. Trump? And say well give us back some of the tax dollars that belong to us and let us educate ourselves?” the Minister asked.

“We can make a better product in the school of knowledge and education than White supremacy has been able to do since we’ve been able to go to school. Give us a chance and we will rebuild the fallen cities.”

After six decades, people still tune in to see and hear from Min. Farrakhan as evident from social media numbers from around the country and live tweeting during the broadcast on Muhammad and Friends. In Houston, #MuhammadAndFriends and #Farrakhan trended near the top locally and the show also trended in other cities across the country.

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