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Tweet This: Big Surprise At Awards Ceremony

By Ebony Safiyyah Muhammad -Contributing Writer- | Last updated: Feb 23, 2016 - 6:07:15 PM

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(CW From Left) The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan congratulates the honorees at the Farrakhan Twitter Army Awards Ceremony Feb. 19 as the Commander of the FTA, Brother Jesse Muhammad looks on. | Sister Ebony S. Muhammad and Sister Shareefah Muhammad display their #FTA100 lapel pins. | Brother Jesse Muhammad takes a selfie with some of those on the digital battlefield. | On display are the #FTA100 lapel pins designed by the company called Mosque Flow
(Top) Members of the FTA from all across the country were excited to receive their lapel pins! Photos: Abdul K. Muhammad (Bottom) Minister Farrakhan received his own custom-made set of #FTA lapel pins. There are several different designs. Photos: Michael Muhammad

On Friday, February 19, Saviours’ Day 2016 kicked off in a very unforgettable way. While most weren’t anticipating the appearance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan until Sunday, he literally shocked the entire Nation of Islam, in particular the Farrakhan Twitter Army, by attending and giving the official “State of the Tweet Union” address to the social media soldiers and everyone else in attendance.

The special occasion was the Farrakhan Twitter Army (#FTA100) Awards Ceremony hosted by the owners of Mosque Flow, a high end jewelry line that has designed the official Farrakhan Twitter Birds in honor of the top 100 digital warriors who spread the words of Min. Farrakhan over various social media platforms.

This ceremony also was a tribute to Min. Farrakhan’s work in speaking truth to power for over six decades.

Along with defending the Minister, the Twitter Army created avenues of dialogue for the masses to learn more about the Nation of Islam. It had been nearly three years since the Twitter Army held an event recognizing those on the digital battlefield and discussing the importance of social media as it relates to information warfare and building bridges and brotherly love.

The ceremony opened with words by Bro. Jesse Muhammad, Farrakhan Twitter Army lead and social media strategist for Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. He thanked the Minister for his 60-plus years of sacrifice as well as Mother Khadijah Farrakhan and the entire Farrakhan family. 

From there he officially welcomed everyone to the first ever Farrakhan Twitter Army (FTA100) Award Ceremony, recognized the 100 award recipients and thanked those in the room and Twitter soldiers watching live via webcast.

(Lower photos) Student Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad of New York. | N.O.I. Archivist and Student Minister Carlos Muhammad of Baltimore. | Hip Hop artist Michael 6X takes a selfie with the founder of Mosque Flow Brother Jeffrey Muhammad, who runs the company with his two sons Maajid and Ahmad. Photos: Michael Muhammad

Bro. Jesse acknowledged two sisters who each gave their testimony of how the Farrakhan Twitter Army impacted their lives.

Nzinga Muhammad from Rochester, N.Y., who was recognized as the top Defender in the Farrakhan Twitter Army, shared how being on social media and defending the Minister gave her a voice and how being on social media can be used in a positive light.

Photos: Michael Muhammad
Khadijah Muhammad from Memphis has been defending the Minister on the platform Tumblr for five years. She expressed that even on Tumblr people were spreading false information about Min. Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam.

The founder of Mosque Flow, Bro. Jeffrey Muhammad of Austin, Tx., and sons Maajid and Ahmad were introduced, who then gave out awards of specially designed lapel pins to each of the #FTA100 honorees. The crowd stood and cheered as each member was gifted and congratulated.

Just as the last few honorees were called, in walked the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. The expression on his face was of great joy to see the Farrakhan Twitter Army members awarded.

In his remarks, the Minister acknowledged the great work of the Twitter Army and said he would like the 100 awardees to grow to 10,000. Min. Farrakhan said those in the Twitter Army are his ministers in their ability to engage the public with the Teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. He said the instrument of the internet allows the Nation to bypass the controlled or mainstream media, which means the controlled media has in essence lost control.

In the five years the Minister has been on social media, he has answered five thousand questions between Facebook and Twitter, organizers said. Some of those answers that “Allah blessed us to give have saved people’s lives,” the Minister said.

He shared how now the Pope is answering questions via social media, as well as other public figures, and responded with, “But we don’t mind having followers,” which implied that what the Twitter Army has accomplished has blazed trails and set trends.

As the Minister and Mother Khadijah prepared to leave, the Mosque Flow family presented them with personalized sets of the latest edition of Twitter Army bird lapel pins.

The Farrakhan Twitter Army has become a vital part of the Nation of Islam’s information dissemination strategy and it is powered by the youth! | (bottom photos) Sister Nzinga Muhammad was recognized as the FTA “Top Defender.” | Sister Khadijah Muhammad talked about using the social media platform Tumblr.

Unexpectedly present in the audience was Judge Joe Mathis, who Min. Farrakhan called up front with him, describing the judge as a “giant for all of our people.”

Speaking to The Final Call after the ceremony, awardees Kenya Muhammad, Tairah Muhammad of Chicago as well as Kenetta Muhammad from Atlanta unanimously agreed that the words delivered by the Minister inspired them to want to work even harder and that receiving such an award was an amazing honor.

Student Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad said none of the honorees did the work knowing they would receive an award. “We did the work and we must continue doing the work,” he said.

Student Minister Nuri Muhammad of Indianapolis said, “I feel unworthy of an award but even more inspired to wage digital warfare in defense of The Minister, the N.O.I. and our people.”