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Healing the ‘hood

By Dwayne X | Last updated: Aug 25, 2014 - 11:54:01 PM

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Student Minister Abel Muhammad of Chicago delivers a healing message to Milwaukee residents to promote peace and to help end unwanted violence in the community. Photos: Dwayne X
MILWAUKEE - Student Minister Abel Muhammad, Latino Representative of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan recently spoke at Muhammad’s Mosque No. 3 and at a community block party themed, Heal the Hood MKE.  Bro. Abel emphasized that Black and Brown are related to one another and the enemy has worked to divide both communities based on knowing who we are.

Bro. Abel told those gathered at the community outing before we can heal the ‘hood we have to begin first by the way we perceive the woman.  “You might say why are we listening to a Mexican?  Because you’re listening to your brother! Your Brother made by your brother, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan!”

Bro. Abel said if men knew the divinity of women, we wouldn’t shoot one another with a gun.

“If we knew the value of the woman, we wouldn’t mistreat her, smack her and call her out of her name. We have to train our babies to have a reverence for the woman,” he said.

He said the woman is the key to solving all of the problems going on in the ‘hood.  It is because of the lack of knowledge and that knowledge is rooted in the woman said Bro. Abel.  

Members of the Ajagun Arts group perform before 200 residents and guests. in traditional African style and rhythmic beats of the drums.

 “White supremacy has us so backwards and corrupted today.  We won’t listen to somebody because of the shade of their skin or the texture of their hair.  Most of us grew up with a White Jesus on the wall, but the scripture tells us that He had hair of lamb’s wool and feet that looked like brass burnt in a oven.  That’s not Black supremacy.  That’s truth.”

Bro. Abel said the purpose in coming together was to hear the truth because truth will set us free and we want the power to heal ourselves.  “If we live in accord with the truth, we wouldn’t have to ask a politician, but I think we have a Sister soldier who is a politician,” Bro. Abel said.  He was referring to Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs whose 6th district covers the Franklin Heights area in Milwaukee.

“Elijah Muhammad is the answer from God,” Bro. Abel said at the mosque meeting earlier in the day.  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is loved because he produced Imam Warrith Deen Mohammed, Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X and the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan he explained.  Bro. Abel said we cannot “acknowledge” them but don’t honor their teacher. 

Today we are living in a time of war but do not know who our real enemy is and have turned on each other in war not knowing who our allies are and who our enemies are therefore, right guidance is needed.

“Black America needs a healing and that man is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan who has been teaching for nearly 60 years,” said Bro. Abel.

“Healing the Hood MKE” was founded and organized in 2012 by Ajamou Butler. The area where the gathering was held was chosen because of its high crime rate and level of poverty.    Nearly 200 people attended. Performances included spoken word artists Adisa Simone Gray, Vikki Porter, Miss Dia and Brit Nicole. African drummers, children from the Franklin Heights Black Power group and members of Aljagum Arts spearheaded by Akinyomi Courtney also provided cultural entertainment.