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Mentally, spiritually, and physically training to secure a Nation

By Ashahed M. Muhammad -Assistant Editor- | Last updated: Jul 1, 2014 - 1:37:15 AM

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Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad
CHICAGO—There are only so many hours in a day, however, those who traveled to this year’s National Training Seminar and Nation of Islam’s Captain’s retreat, June 6th through 8th received spiritual guidance and mental preparation to equip them properly to deal with any physical confrontations that may arise.

“Security is prevention. If you can prevent an incident from happening, you have a greater level of training and security than anybody who physically overpowers an individual,” said Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad, a 10th Degree Black Belt and National Trainer of the Nation of Islam.


The objective of the National Training and Survival Seminar—now in its 19th year—is to provide an opportunity for members of the Nation of Islam, the community at large and particularly those within the martial arts community to be trained, taught and to leave with something more than what they came with in terms of knowledge, and experience. Grandmaster Muhammad said what pleased him the most is the participation of the women of the Nation of Islam. Their involvement has increased steadily over the years, he noted.

“I remember when we first started, the M.G.T. were not involved,” said Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad. “As in many of our events, we’ve had the M.G.T. as a secondary source but in the early phases of the development of the National Training Seminar, I begin to involve them in a big way because I know that Minister Farrakhan would desire that.”

Female members of the Nation of Islam are now involved in almost all aspects of the National Training and Survival Seminar, he added.

All who attended the three-day seminar were trained and tested in weapons search procedures and received official certification following successful demonstrations of competency. There were also training workshops dealing with high profile dignitary protection, threat assessment and extraction of hostile parties through pain compliance strategies.

A highlight of the weekend’s events was a June 7 appearance by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, who observed the activities of those training then addressed them for about 45 minutes.

“God wants to make us gods. I witnessed god just a few moments ago—not a spook god but a real live god in human flesh,” said Min. Farrakhan. “Notice how these masters have gone up the scale in their chosen profession. They start with a white belt or no belt. ... then with dedication and hard work and submitting to a master, you can be made into what you submit to,” he said.

Addressing those involved in the redemption struggle of uplifting a fallen people, the Minister said there is still much work to do, but it can’t be done staying inside the walls of the mosque or the dojo, a Japanese word for martial arts training center. Those involved in the mission must show the love that God showed them, which led them to the path they are currently on, in the pursuit of knowledge.

“We have a chance to win our people but we can’t do it staying in the mosque and you can’t show how great you are just staying in the dojo. The dojo is where you learn and the outside world is where you practice what you learned,” said Min. Farrakhan. “How could you love and see our people in the condition that they are in and not try to engage them in a conversation that would allow us to share with them the love that we have received that has grown us up by degrees of mastery?” 

Mustapha Farrakhan, the Supreme Captain of the Nation of Islam, and Minister Farrakhan’s son said he was pleased with the level of inspiration, spirit and strategies emerging from the retreat and the seminar.

“I always think it’s great when soldiers can come together from all over the country to make their word bond,” said Mustapha Farrakhan. “We all said that we wanted to help the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan with the task that was given to him, so they all came in so that we could talk about different initiatives that would help us fulfill our world,” he added.

During his brief remarks, Minister Farrakhan said it was his son who encouraged him to come out to speak to those gathered at the weekend’s program after complications arose that could have prevented the Minister from appearing.

“The word that he gave us was so powerful and uplifting, he gave me permission to release it so we can have the opportunity to hear it again and parse it so we can get those gems of knowledge and apply them to our lives and in our cities so that we can bring about the universal change that we are looking for,” said Mustapha Farrakhan.

It was the first National Training Seminar for DeAndrea Muhammad of Phoenix’s Muhammad Mosque Number 32, and she was greatly impacted.

“I attended this conference with the expectation of learning more on security but came back with so much more,” said Mrs. Muhammad. “It was such an immense honor to be in the presence of those that have dedicated their lives to securing our Nation and our beloved Minister. Heartfelt moments expressed from the stage from strong brothers of their experiences in security brought tears to my eyes and theirs,” she added.

She said she was thankful that Allah gave Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad the vision to put the seminar together, and the hard work of those who worked with him to make it a reality. This was her first, but it won’t be her last, she noted.

“The sisters shared laughter and sisterly bonding in between our break away sessions. We woke up early and trained hard into the night and went to bed exhausted, but with such a satisfied and fulfilled spirit,” said Mrs. Muhammad. 

This was Shodan Damon Muhammad’s ninth seminar. He said he enjoys having the various martial arts masters display a variety of self-defense concepts and learns from each of them making him a more effective instructor.

“I want to continue to teach martial arts to give as many people as possible the knowledge and skill required to adequately defend themselves and their loved ones,” said Damon Muhammad.

Terence Muhammad traveled all the way from Greensboro, North Carolina to participate in the seminar. He said he enjoyed learning in a high-spirited environment with people of all ages and skill levels.

“We learned so many amazing techniques and years of wisdom from the grandmasters,” said Terence Muhammad.

Demond X from Baltimore’s Muhammad Mosque Number 6 said Grandmaster Anthony Muhammad and the other trainers provided “a welcoming environment” for brothers and sisters to learn in, even though the workshops and session were rigorous and the days were long.

“Overall, it was a great experience and I encourage all of us who may be interested to start preparing for next year,” said Brother Demond.