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Final Call editor teaches at Mosque No. 6 and to high school students

By News | Last updated: Jun 10, 2014 - 11:46:08 PM

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Final Call editor Richard B. Muhammad with some of the Believers from Mosque No 6.

BALTIMORE - In a trip that was a homecoming of sorts, Final Call editor Richard B. Muhammad spoke at Muhammad Mosque No. 6, was a guest on two radio shows and spoke to students at Randallstown High School, just across the Baltimore City-Baltimore County border.

During the Sunday meeting at Mosque No. 6, editor Muhammad talked about the conditions facing Black America; God’s coming to choose Blacks, the despised and the rejected in fulfillment of prophecy, and the need for Blacks to turn to one another regardless of religion.

Final Call editor Richard B. Muhammad with Sabrina Green of freethemove9mumia in Baltimore following Sunday meeting at Mosque No 6.
We should not reject one another based on misinterpretation of scripture and teaching from those who used misinterpretation of scripture to enslave us, said Mr. Muhammad. His brother, elder Sean Bryant, sat with him on the dais. “I am not going to reject my blood brother because he is a Christian. His life is a witness that Christ is a redeemer and the Holy Qur’an teaches Jesus is the perfect example and the Messiah,” Mr. Muhammad added May 25.

He thanked the Fruit of Islam for their work in the streets with The Final Call newspaper. He shared how a woman in Chicago cried when seeing the Muslim men and the woman said she felt so safe when seeing the F.O.I. How can a man in a suit with a newspaper make a Black woman feel secure? Mr. Muhammad asked. It is because she sees God in the man, he said. His subject was “Will the Real Black Man Please Stand Up.” Among those in attendance were Abdul Jabber Caliph of the Jericho Movement, which is devoted to freedom for Black political prisoners; Idriss Alaoma of Maryland CURE, which is devoted to prison reform; Doni Glover of; Daren Muhammad of “State of the City” on WFBR-AM radio and Sabrina Green of Free the Move 9 Mumia.

In separate interviews with Daren Muhammad on WFBR-AM radio and with Faraji Muhammad of The Final Call radio show on WEAA-FM, editor Muhammad discussed current events and developments with The Final Call.

Final Call editor discusses racial stereotypes with Randallstown High School students.

In a Friday afternoon session, students at Randallstown High School listened and responded as Richard  Muhammad conducted a discussion about the power of images, traditional Black stereotypes and how these stereotypes and new ones play out in media and impact public policy, law enforcement, employment and other areas of life.

The students enjoyed the presentation, some asked if he could come back; others said the presentation was enlightening and a format other presenters should use. Mr. Muhammad came “to help us better understand about life and what’s going on today in this world. … He made a connection to my life because he made me look at life different.” “It reminded me not to be a stereotype,” said a female student in the 9th grade.

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