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Millions More Movement-Phoenix partners with local high school

By Arian Nicole Muhammad | Last updated: Apr 7, 2014 - 9:31:44 AM

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PHOENIX - Some 50 high school students attended the 3rd annual Career Day hosted here by the Millions More Movement. The program was in partnership with South Mountain High School and was organized to reach out to talented local youth and inspire them to cultivate their skills and talents in service of self and community. The idea was conceived and inspired by the initiative laid out in Study Guide 21 to move towards “A New Educational Paradigm” and the words of Minister Louis Farrakhan in Closing the Gap page 261, where he expounded on evolving and making room for the talented individuals within and outside of the Nation. Each field was presented by Believers from Muhammad Mosque No. 32 who had backgrounds and expertise in the fields of health, engineering, science, music, aviation and education. Students were given colorful insights into the various career fields via Power Point presentations and discussions.

They received pamphlets on choices for healthy eating in a health and medicine presentation by Kim Muhammad and learned the purpose of education in a tag team presentation by Edith Muhammad and Brian Muhammad. The youth were also shown positive use of lyrics and dance in a duo performance by singer and songwriter Arian Muhammad and choreographer PaMela Muhammad. In a presentation on engineering and design, Hiram X wowed students with self-built machines and discussed multiple fields incorporating mechanics and design.   Jamal Muhammad, event organizer and facilitator of the aviation segment, expressed deep gratitude for the success of the program. “Allah truly blessed us with a wonderful team of Believers who presented their crafts with the students of South Mountain High School.  Some took time off work, spent money, spent time and sacrificed to provide a service and labor of love for our young people,” he said.

Many students said they enjoyed the event and could hardly contain their excitement.

David, a freshman at South Mountain, explained that before playing basketball and before the aviation presentation, he didn’t know what he was going to do. The presentation on aviation left him really thinking about going into the aerospace industry. Another young student said the event made her want to push herself to success. The program took place on campus and ended with free prizes, a gift drawing, and happy students excited by what they heard. This year’s presenters were Edith Muhammad (educational instructor), Arian Muhammad (lyricist/songwriter),  Kim Muhammad (naturopathic doctor),  Hiram X (mechanical engineer),  Brian Muhammad (educator science and technology), PaMela Muhammad (dance and choreography) and Jamal Muhammad (airline pilot).

The Muslims gave a special thanks to Melvin Muhammad, Student Minister Charles Muhammad and pioneer Abdul Wahid Muhammad who offered counsel and guidance on this project.