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Brotherhood and bonding in N.Y.

By Derek Muhammad | Last updated: Jan 26, 2014 - 9:56:06 PM

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The F.O.I. of Muhammad Mosque No. 7 salute Nation of Islam pioneer Ramza Mahmoud Muhammad at an appreciation and awards dinner held recently in New York. Photo: Todd X
The spirit of brotherhood and unity filled the New Year at Muhammad Mosque No. 7 on New Year’s Day.  The Mighty F.O.I. came out to enjoy reflections, camaraderie and a black tie appreciation dinner organized by Student Captain Richard Muhammad and his staff in New York.

Hundreds of F.O.I., young and old, came out in their finery, wearing tuxedos, Class A suits and military F.O.I uniforms. 

The tone of the evening was set with a delightful blend of music by Bro. Michael E. Muhammad with his E-Male band and the effervescent spirit of the host and emcee, Bro. Sherwood Muhammad.  One of the features from the night was recognizing and awarding the Pioneers from New York who have collectively been part of the Nation of Islam from 1955 to present. 

Their rich history and experiences were shared and they were applauded for what they went through in establishing the work of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and now the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and also for laying the foundation for the many soldiers that followed in their footsteps. 

There were 30 strong pioneers in attendance, amongst the many other F.O.I., whose works spoke of their place in the history of Muhammad Mosque No. 7.   One brother in particular, Bro. Ramza Mahmoud Muhammad affectionately known as “The Nation’s Jeweler” recited and received his X in 1955 the same day as Minister Farrakhan.  He designed the official F.O.I.  pin along with the MGT & GCC bar pin and countless other jewelry for many in the Nation.

Bro. Ramza was visited weekly and given guidance by Minister Malcolm X when he was incarcerated years ago. Though up in age, Bro. Ramza’s smile gleamed with exuberance and appreciation upon receiving his award.

Appreciation awards and recognition was given for Final Call sales, charity, attendance, humanitarianism, community outreach, top fisherman, F.O.I. of the year and a special  “Brotherhood Award “ which included a letter of commendation from Student National Supreme Captain, Mustapha Farrakhan.  Bro. Curtis Shabazz (Mosque 7C) and Bro. Edward 91 Muhammad (Mosque 7) were the recipients of that prestigious award.

East Coast Regional Student Captain, Majied Muhammad, inspired and reminded the men “what we care about is what we care for.”  

Student Captain Richard Muhammad (left) presents award to Student Min. Hafeez Muhammad. Photo: Todd X
Student Minister Abdul Hafeez Muhammad shared his experiences on working with Student Captain Richard Muhammad over the years. He attested to the sacrifices, the works and the character of Bro. Richard being unlike any that he has worked with in the city.

The highlight of the night was when Bro. Rashad Muhammad, from the E-team, spoke of Mosque No. 7 being the heart of the Nation of Islam that is being purified and the responsibility that goes along with that.  He equated receiving our awards with the rewards for helping to deliver God’s people.  He also reminded the F.O.I. the role of man is to become one with God the Creator.  He said, “God’s love presupposes duty and how we serve accordingly to discipline our life.” 

He went on to say the only way to restore life is through diet, discipline and that righteousness is what will sustain you.

Bro. Rashad encouraged the mighty soldiers, men of God, F.O.I. in New York to “do the work while it is still day and let us make 2014 the best year for all of us, the year that we prove that the Messiah is living and he is amongst us.  Be about the work!”