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Economic Blueprint: Come Together for the Good of the Whole!

By Anisah Muhammad | Last updated: Aug 30, 2013 - 12:42:58 PM

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I noticed that for the past 2 weeks, we’ve been watching the 2013 Saviours’ day message for part 30 and 31 of The Time and What Must be Done, and will be watching the rest for part 33, and thought this can’t be a coincidence. When you stop and take a look at all of the problems, and notice that they’re only getting worse, then you know we need to unite and pool our resources as soon as possible because this economy isn’t waiting on us. It’s falling, and falling fast. So I figure this is the reason why we needed to be reminded again of the Economic Blueprint Plan and the Saviours’ message, and the way I see it, we need to keep being reminded.

If we think these are hard times, then we just don’t know what’s coming. We don’t know how good we have it right now, and we don’t know how valuable and limited the time is. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad made Muhammad’s Economic Blueprint Plan for a reason.

Anisah Muhammad

The food shelves are already getting low. When you go to the stores, you see less of everything and they make everything thinner and lesser. Then, they make the prices higher. So, now you’re paying more and getting less. The enemy can barely feed his people, let alone provide for us, too.

The dollar is sinking. We’ve been told this countless times. Soon, the government is going to stop giving out checks because the economy can only get worse. We can’t keep depending on the enemy, because when he finally decides to let us go, we’re going to be looking crazy. That’s why we have to prepare now, go ahead and start making a future for ourselves. If we don’t, then we’ll have no future.

More and more schools are closing. When schools close, every single person who worked in the school is put into the unemployment line, and the students who attended take to the streets even more. With no teaching going on, and no learning going on, how are we supposed to have a future? There’s a simple answer.

We need to make jobs for ourselves, and in order to do that we need land, and in order to get land, we need money.

One person can’t do it alone. A lot of black businesses shut down on the sole fact that we’d rather spend our money in someone else’s neighborhood than get the same quality product from our brother down the block. One person can’t do it alone. The problem is we aren’t united and we distrust one another. We can’t waste any more time. We have to go out there and save our people from the suffering that they are enduring. The wait has been too long. We have to get our acts together, unite, and pool our resources if we want to survive this economic downturn.

The Economic Blueprint Plan is more important than ever. $0.05 a day, $0.35 a week, $1.40 a month, $16.80 a year. You pay way more than that a year to watch foolishness on television. You pay more than that to talk craziness over the phone. You pay more than that a year to smoke cigars, drink liquor, and do drugs! You pay more to eat the wrong foods! 5 cents is painless! If 40 million of us did this, that would be $672,000,000, a year in a national savings account for us by us!

It’s no coincidence that Minister Farrakhan’s 2013 Saviours’ Day message spoke on the Economic Blueprint Plan, and this message was showed again for parts 30-33 of his series “The Time and What Must be Done.” He’s preparing us for his departure, and if we don’t heed the time we won’t know what to do when it comes. He said he would be gone for 3 years and we’ll have to hold down the fort and keep everything together. That’s when our real trial starts. We have to prepare now, because as time passes it will only get harder.  The fight to end poverty and want among the black and brown of America and the western hemisphere may start with one person, but it takes a whole nation coming together to complete.

(Anisah Muhammad, 15, lives in Montgomery, Alabama)